Journal Entry #20
December 5, 2003 visitors are in for a great treat! Beginning soon, Bobby Steiner will be contributing a weekly article to our web site. He is the Head Teaching Professional at the Mission Hills Pete Dye Resort Golf Course in Rancho Mirage, California. He is also the author of MUNIE, THE JITTERBUG COLLECTION, which will be published soon. Bobby is a syndicated columnist with weekly articles, "Lessons Everlasting," in newspapers across the country as well as in The Desert Sun, which is published in the Palm Springs area.

Last March I enrolled in the Mission Hills Resort golf school, which Bobby instructed. I was impressed with this man's commitment to his profession, both as a professional golfer and as an author. I have read his manuscript and the book is not only instructive, but also very entertaining. I can hardly wait to review the final published edition. You will get a sneak preview by following his articles in His style is like a novel with lots of humor mixed in.

His weekly column and his book feature a variety of characters that were key in developing Bobby's golfing expertise. With their tutelage and his commitment he became a professional golfer in record time. One side note, he holds a black belt in karate and was once ranked second in our nation. I bring this up because to be successful in anything one must have commitment. Black belt? That's commitment as is passing his Players Ability Test (PAT) for the PGA in just four years.

About the characters. In Bobby's book and in his articles you will meet his premier coach, Jitterbug, as well as Mr. Vaughn, Lord Berry, Smiley, Pinky Paxton, Anton "Twin" Lawrence, Duncan Braxton, Hardpan, and other colorful and confident golfing experts and contributors. In his articles some of these folks will answer questions about golf and how to do it right, so you are likely to get more than one slant on golfing perfection. Bobby will introduce some of these individuals to you in his first article so don't miss it.

To contact Bobby or ask a question about improving your game he can be reached by e-mail: