L3 ScreenPrinting for my SFG golf shirt and cap

By John K. Darling

When I went to Maui, Hawaii recently to vacation and do SeniorFriendlyGolf.com business I decided to get some logo golf shirts and caps. The company that made the products is L3 ScreenPrinting in Colorado Springs. Their web page: www.L3Screen.com

The shirts were cool, even for Hawaii, and the cap was soft cotton, which was also cool. If you choose to order product from them, make sure you ask for Ultra Cotton pre-shrunk.

I have washed them several times and they stand up well by following the washing instructions. The jury is still out on how he collar will stand up to my five o'clock shadow, but I'll let you know.

As you will notice in the photo above, the logo art is superb. I was very pleased with how the company developed and embroidered it.

Keep any eye out for L3ScreenPrinting special offers to come soon on the FREE MEMBERSHIP link on www.SeniorFriendlyGolf.com.