Following last year's PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida, I decided to buy my first custom made golf clubs. It took me a year to make the decision and choose Piranha Golf as my source. Be sure to check their website for in depth information.

I became aware of Piranha Golf while attending the PGA Expo in Las Vegas. I believe that show was part of their introduction strategy to bring their company and products more visibility in the United States. Piranha Golf is an Australian company.

Why did I choose this company over the major companies exhibiting at these shows? There are several reasons, but the main one was the friendliness of its personnel. The clubs, or course, are primo.

The first person I met was Steve Collins, President of Piranha Golf USA. The Piranha CEO, Antonio Gelonesi, actually took time to personally do a complete analysis of what specific club design would fit my ability. I am a slow swinger, under 90 MPH. After all, I am a senior golfer.

Golf club manufacturers often recommend seniors be fitted with graphite shafts. Steel shafts are reserved for the big hitters and accomplished players. Antonio's specifications for me included steel shafts, but with a twist. The twist was to insert what they call sensicore to dampen vibration. The irons I eventually purchased was the Piranha Performance Cavity made with soft carbon steel.

As a mentioned, It took me a year to make my decision. It came when I visited the demo range at the Orlando show. I met with the CEO of Piranha Golf USA. I tried the clubs again and felt very comfortable with all of them. When it came to the three and four irons, he advised me that they recommend hybrids. I took his advice when I ordered my set and have been well pleased.

There was yet another twist to come. While I was on vacation in the Florida Keys following the Expo, I called Steve and placed my order. He said I could expect a call from Piranha Golf to discuss my specifications in about a week. I was surprised, and impressed, when I received a long distance call from Antonio. The call came from their office in Australia. I had ordered a three wood and he convinced me to change to a five wood. He was right. It travels about as far as a three wood with more control.

I have been playing with my Piranha clubs for a year now and love them. My game is more accurate, especially when I can maintain concentration. The clubs are beautiful and the bag, as you can see from the photo above, solicits many comments and admiration.

Along with my clubs I also received towels, tees and caps. The tees are unusual and very durable. I only have one left, as I enjoyed giving samples to fellow seniors I play with. The tees are plastic and about three inches long with a rubber collar to prevent breakage.

The only comment I have for improvement of the products I received concerns the zipper pockets in the bag and the club head covers. All the pockets, except the largest one at the bottom, have two zippers. The large pocket only has one and it is Velcro fastened at the bottom. A double zipper would be a better design. Also, a separate tube for putters would be great. I have lost all my club head covers. They are the knit type and can fall off if not securely fastened. Maybe that's my problem.

In closing, Steve will be opening another office soon in Phoenix, Arizona. That's a great place for year round golf. I wish Piranha Golf the best success down there. It's minus three degrees here in Colorado Springs as I write this review. Unbelievable that I played golf just last Thursday with 60 degrees in Canon City at 4-Mile Ranch Golf Club.