This product takes the place of those three or four foot hard rods some golfers use to help them improve their alignments. One thing I really like about the Aim-Mate is its portability. Just roll it up and keep it in your bag.

As you can see from the illustration above, there are four ways to use this product. Actually there is another way and that is to simply lay it down in the direction you want your ball to go.

To clarify the above illustration, on the driving range, your tee is put through the Aim-Mate to anchor it. The second is how the product is used on an artificial turf pad. The third is how you would position the product behind the ball when putting on a hole and the fourth is how you can use it on the practice-putting surface. Note that when using on a practice putting green that not only is the Aim-Mate used as a direction guide, it also has a vertical mark to align your putter with. In all these situations the objective is to set your alignment and it's up to you to make every effort to abide by it.

When using the Aim-Mate on the practice driving range keep in mind that it is not for using clubs that take divots. This will pop the product up and may even damage it.

Be sure to go to the Aim-Mate website for complete information. I heatedly recommend this product as a player gift bag item for tournaments. The packaging is impassive.