Author: Michael McTeigue, PGA/ Reviewed by John K. Darling, the Golf Guy.

This year (2014) Michael McTeigue introduced his book as a friendly guide to golfers of any skill level although his focus is on the weekend golfer. It has helped me immensely as a high handicap player. I take a lesson every Wednesday from a young PGA teaching pro, Alex Harris, at his Sportz Skillz golf training Center in Colorado Springs. Between the two sources of information and training I admit that my putting has improved significantly. I play at least twice a week with other senior golfers, weather permitting, and now have a reputation of being a top putter in the groups. I win skins all the time and believe me, that happens mostly on the greens.

A few things I liked about the book are the summary at the end of each chapter. You might even read the summary for each lesson and then read the chapter. This will reinforce the retention you can use when on the golf course. Also, I used a yellow highlighter pen for even more retention.

Lesson one focuses on your putting stroke. Lesson two relates to the roll path of your putt. Lesson two is a great tutorial on how to read greens. Three introduces the routine you can use. Lesson four explains the four types of putts and how to successfully concur each. Number five brings everything together for practice and on course putting tips.

You can find the book on Amazon.com, or just Google it for best buy prices. If you want to order it from your favorite bookstore the ISBN NUMBER IS 13:978-1500848620.