OCOTILLO GOLF RESORT - Chandler, Arizona
Managed by Troon Golf

Reviewed by John K. Darling, Founder, SeniorFriendlyGolf

After my trip through New Mexico's Santa Fe Golf Trail I eventually ended up at my brother and sister-in-laws home just south of the Ocotillo Golf Resort. We had a great time visiting and enjoying my niece's baby, Cayton. I had always enjoyed having lunch at the club and putting on the putting green, but little did I know what a super course it was. This trip I had a chance to take it on, or it took me on.

As I played one hole after another it dawned on me that there was an opportunity to sink a ball in the water on just about every hole. Water does not bother me as it might others. My wife, Marilynn, says it's like a magnet for her pink golf balls. I just visualize everything in front of me as a soft smooth fairway surface.

This course consists of three different nines. I played the gold and blues. The other nine had been stripped for winter grass, as they do in Arizona and southern California this time of year. When I return for Thanksgiving I intend playing the white nine.

The first thing I noticed, besides the water, was the vibrant green fairways and flowers. The water hazards are sculpted into the fairways and they were a sight to see, water falls and all. Wild bird life abounded and seemed not concerned with golfers around them. Adjacent homes are for the most part far enough away to miss errant golf shots. The bunkers are sizable but consistent. I tend to spend a good deal of my time in them. One would think I'm looking for the Corona girls on those television commercials. All the golf staff was personable and helpful.

But why tell you about the course. Grab yourself a beverage, sit back in your easy chair, and enjoy the show. By the way, when I played I joined a couple of nice ladies. You will see them in the slide show. They had no problem competing with me. I am being generous to myself.

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