Near Dungloe, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Reviewed by John K. Darling, Founder, SeniorFriendlyGolf

The excitement begins even before you actually get to the golf course. You have to drive, on the left side of the road always, across an old bridge barely wide enough for one car. If you are on foot you can use a foot bridge nearby, which is a bit younger. There is even an abandoned boat stranded ashore on this inlet.

Reviewed by John K. Darling, Founder, SeniorFriendlyGolf

Many golfers ignore nine hole courses when they are on a golf tour. I suggest you do not when it comes to this challenge. If you are focused on only 18 holes, no problem, for a second nine is played from different tees. There are two sets of tees, white for men and red for ladies. From the white tees the distance is 2571 meters. The longest hole is #1 at 394 meters and is indexed as the hardest hole. It got me good, but that's another story.

Call this course a links, pasture, target or hilly venue and you are still right. The fairways are lumpy, so to speak, and on many holes you must get your tee shots out there beyond 150 meters. The greens are fairly large and putt a bit slow. This is probably due to the fact that you are playing on an island that gets plenty of moisture. Bunkers are not too plentiful, but they are of the traditional Irish and Scottish variety and are challenging for sure. They look like World War II fox holes and are not too deep. For those of you who are not seniors, this may not mean anything to you. Sorry.

The first hole will intimidate many golfers, as it requires an accurate tee shot over a grassy chasm. This is a blind hole, as are many if not most of the holes. You will most likely score better the second time or nine you play. Anyway, with a 200 meter + straight tee shot you will be in great shape to birdie.

Now that I've gotten you off the first tee, click here for a slide show of some of the other holes and seascape views. Pay attention to number six, the signature hole, of which there are several very interesting photos. This download may take three or four minutes.

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