Kalispell, Montana

In the shadow of Big Mountain, mountain in Montana near Glacier National Park is a friendly golf course named simply Big Mountain. You might expect mountain play with such a name as Big Mountain, but this is not the case. The course is of a pasture type although there are several holes with some elevation variance, but not many. This is not to detract from the joy you will have when you play Big Mountain. I would give it a preliminary SFG rating of 7.1. To find out more about SFG ratings visit COURSE RATINGS.

This is an interesting course. This becomes apparent when you step up on the first tee box. As I looked down the fairway I noticed that the green configuration looked different. It appeared to have several layers of "frog hair" cuts around the green. This is the only course I have ever seen with this type of grooming.





This course is friendly for several reasons. Fairway widths allow for modest fade and draw shots without getting into the tall grass rough. Most all greens are visible from the tee boxes and are generally huge, thus providing good targets on approach shots. With mountains to the north and west you can take this into consideration when reading putts. The tees are well marked and there are not many blind holes. Greens have soft fronts for pitch and run shots. Landscaping is beautiful as are surroundings. The course has 150 yard markers. I love this aspect on golf courses. The average golfer is not highly skilled in guessing distances. Bunkers have excellent quality sand for true blasting.

My favorite hole is number fourteen, which must be the signature hole. You tee off through a narrow pathway between tall pine trees and over a water hazard. Just put it in the fairway from there and then shoot straight on to the green.

Now take a look at the course map and scorecard below and then click on the download for a great flash slide show of every hole. You'll see what Big Mountain looks like from the tees, approach shots and looking back from the greens. Take the time also to enjoy the views of the blue Montana sky and the lovely white clouds.

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