Review by John K. Darling


I was fortunate to wear two hats at the 2010 71st Senior PGA Championship held at the Colorado Golf Club in Parker, Colorado near Denver. I was a captain of the Special Marshals team as well as the media representative for Senior Friendly Golf LLC. You can see the journal entry #90 review of the event on

The golf professionals began arriving the Sunday before the tournament. Monday the course was closed to the public so they could get in private practice rounds. Unfortunately, Monday brought wind gusts in the 50 to 60 MPH range. I played golf that Monday at the Pine Creek Golf Club course in Colorado Springs and could literally lean into the wind without falling down. The result was the same at the Colorado Golf Club. Many of the pros were unable to play decent golf rounds and left the course. Tuesday was not much better for the pro-am tournament. The last chance for a practice round was Wednesday, the day before the tournament started.

As a media rep, I was authorized to have a camera but did not have access within the ropes that established the parameter into which spectators were not allowed. Wednesday the wind gusts were back. After my morning shift as marshal captain, I decided to walk the course and take pictures, as the pros would see it. Since there did not appear to be any players at that time, I started on the first hole and walked straight down the middle of the fairway. I had played the course several weeks earlier in a media scramble event but had neglected to recharge my camera battery. This gave me the opportunity to get the photos I needed for the Senior Friendly Golf COURSE REVIEW link. Yes, I know it was stupid not to remember to recharge my camera battery. This time I was prepared not only with extra batteries but a new camera too.

Before I begin the pictorial, there are a few things I need to advise you of.

You will see three pros out there, on purpose, to experience the winds in case they would have to fight them during official play beginning the next morning. The fellow in the white shirt, with his wife, is Ben Crenshaw. Boonchu Ruangkit has the orange shirt and Michael Goodes red. I had the good fortune to follow Michael and when he came up to the tee, I introduced myself and smiled. I commented that he looked young to me. He laughed and informed me he was not. Then I realized why he looked so young. Most all golfers do now days to me. I would be 74 the next week.

As you surf the slice show, you can see the hole number, par, and yardage by the PGA tee sign markers. After the tournament they go down and the only hole designation is in the ground. This is something the club could improve on. When I play a course, I like to notice the creative design of tee markers. Many courses have wood or stone carved markers. Some have a reproduction of the hole so golfers can see the lay of the land and avoid hazards without a yardage book.

Be sure to notice the sky, trees and views. Although 50 miles away, Pikes Peak is visible.

The TV towers and spectator stands will of course be no more, if you ever have the chance to play the Colorado Golf Club golf courses. Note I mentioned golf courses and not just golf course. The CGC also has a nine hole three par.

Since the Colorado Golf Club is a private country club, having the opportunity to play these courses may be limited to participating in charity or other nonprofit tournaments and reciprocal agreements if you are a member of a country club somewhere.

One last thing before you take your tour. To play this golf course, you will need to have the confidence and ability to hit balls that carry at least 150 yards. Topping the ball will be disastrous. I also do not recommend playing from the tips. Note from the pictures there are many tee box choices. Play the forward tees and save yourself frustration.

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