Review by John K. Darling

One bright October day, my wife and I departed Colorado Springs to begin a 5000 plus mile road trip. We had three purposes. First was to observe the dramatic change of colors in the New England forests. My wife's objective was to research her family genealogy. My objective was to drive safely and play whatever golf courses were along the way as she spent hours in libraries and government offices tracing ancestry.

My first opportunity was in the shadow of Harrah's casino across the river from Omaha, Nebraska. This was a beautiful municipal course aptly named Dodge Riverside Golf Club. The tree leaves here were still green, although some were beginning to change, and the turf was still lush. This course was one of the best-kept municipals I played on this trip.

Colorado and New Mexico golf courses are frequently, if not almost always, sparsely forested with welcoming fairways. Dodge Riverside was my most recent exposure to narrow fairways and an abundance of trees. The rough was just deep enough to make most errant shots difficult, if not impossible, to find. So, staying in the fairways was a must to make par.

The course was a pleasure to play. CLICK HERE for a slide show of many of the holes as you will see them should you have the opportunity to visit Omaha or Council Bluffs to golf.