WESTVIEW GOLF COURSE, Quincy Park District
Review by John K. Darling

One October, on our way to see the leaves make their dramatic change in New England, my wife and I stayed a couple of nights in Quincy, Illinois. She spent the day researching her family's genealogy. I looked for a golf course.

The Westview Golf Course is a muni and is one of the nicest I have ever played. I entered the pro shop and was advised that the PGA director of golf, Matt Burry, would be in shortly. I walked outside to take a look. The first tee I saw was tee marker number 19. This course has three legitimate nines. Actually, the only other golf course I have seen with a nine starting with number 19 was Paa-ko Ridge in New Mexico this past summer. Paa-ko Ridge is my favorite course in New Mexico. It looks like Westview will keep a warm place in my heart for Illinois.

MATT BURRY, PGA, Director of Golf

Westview is a beautiful course with rolling hills and beautiful trees. Matt advised me that keeping the course in shape was a challenge this year. In July Quincy experienced a record rainfall of over 10 inches and August followed with record heat. The result was that many golf courses in the state lost some of their greens. Matt and his staff were up to the challenge.

The fairways were near country club quality and the greens held up well. No complaints from me. The condition of the greens was good, especially when you consider October is at the end of heavy summer play.

When I travel and play new courses, I always enjoy the company I keep. Quincy was no exception. I joined three gentlemen who played for the fun of the game. Seldom was heard a discouraging or four letter word. Brian, Jack and Vat. It was a great day making divots with them.

CLICK HERE for a slide show tour of the course as players see it.