While on my golf trip through the changing colors across the northeastern states, I was invited to stop by this country club and give it a go. The invitation came from a long-time friend of mine, Bobby Steiner, who is the teaching professional there. You can meet Bobby by going to Visit his site and sign up to get periodic free lessons from his Facebook account.

Little Turtle is a private golf club with lots to offer. Be sure to visit their website. There are several other Little Turtle golf clubs around the country, but this one is near Columbus. If you belong to a country club, Little Turtle is likely to honor reciprocal agreements, so be sure to make time to play here.

The day I played Little Turtle it was cold and gloomy but very much fun. There were very few people on the course. I caught up with a young player early in my round and we teamed up. I was happy join him so I could tell where to tee off on each hole. His name was Eric, and he had been a student of Bobby's.

Like many courses in this part of the country, many of the holes have memorials for members or players who have passed on from this life. Often these memorials are benches, but the memorials at Little Turtle were brass plates of a more durable nature.

CLICK HERE to see the course as I played it.