TOWA GOLF CLUB at the Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort


Linda Howell, PGA
General Manager

Steve Moreno, PGA
Head Professional

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Towa Golf Club Boulder and Pinon golf courses in 2004. The Butterfly course was under construction at that time. Since then the golf courses have experienced an evolution.

The Butterfly course is no more. In its place is the Valley nine. There has been a heavy investment in the Boulder nine, which was scheduled to reopens in July 2010. It features a spectacular island three par that is reminiscent of the Sawgrass number 17 at the 2010 PGA Players Championship. As the Boulder reopens, the Pinon closes to undergo extensive irrigation and soil work, although we found it to be in very good condition when we played it in May.

This review is of the Pinon and Valley nines. It starts on Pinon. Spectacular! The first and third holes really challenged my partner and me. We were not using the GPS on the cart at the time and were flying, or hitting, blind. The Pinon nine was difficult but enjoyable.

Both courses had plenty of hills, gorges, and desert terrain to conquer. Errant balls could usually be found as well as others left behind by less hearty hunters.

The Valley nine was the most memorable, especially the last four holes. I experienced what was in the new when a Los Angeles reporter, Serene Branson, could not speak clearly on camera following the Super Bowl. On the sixth hole I had a LOMA, known as late onset migrainious accompaniment. These attacks are not necessarily painful but can effect speech and vision. Actually my game improved those last holes. I had to depend on my swing and not my eyesight. Of course my playing partner, Roger, was concerned, since I had difficulty explaining what I was going through.

We were reminded of the joke about the foursome in Texas where one of its players had a heart attack on the back nine. They called ahead and reported the situation and an hour later arrived at the clubhouse. An emergency vehicle and EMTs were waiting. They asked the group what took them so long. They answered, "You know, hit the ball, drag Fred, hit the ball, drag Fred." Fortunately no one had to drag me the last four holes. Believe it or not, a pint of water, an aspirin, and relaxing is the proper treatment.

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