THE GOLF GENIE as reviewed by John Darling, Founder of Senior Friendly Golf

I recently reviewed BETTER RECREATIONAL GOLF, which you can see in the Golf Book Reviews. It's for the mid to low handicap player and takes a high degree of commitment. I enjoyed reviewing the GOLF GENIE, which is the most comprehensive golf instruction aid for the beginner and high handicap golfer I have ever seen. Although the GOLF GENIE is considered a vital on-course pocket guide, it can be considered as a book and I will be placing this review In the Golf Book Reviews section as well.

When you get your copy from a pro shop or sporting goods store, I recommend the first thing you do is read it. Get a cup of coffee or a brew and just settle down and go through the GOLF GENIE page by page. It starts with the BASICS of selecting the right clubs for various distances. You will then move on to the grip, pre-shot routine, set up, backswing, downswing, common ball flights, bunkers, pitching and chipping and finally where you can really save strokes…putting.

The ADVANCED section is actually not so advanced. If you are a high handicapper you will find solutions to many of the challenges you are facing and perhaps dock down those numbers a bit. The section gives instruction on hot to get more distance, up hill and down hill lies, Lob shots, plugged lies, how to attend to tree and rough problems, wind and hard surfaces, and advanced bunker shots.

The last section of THE GENIE is QUICK TIPS and it gives instructions on how to correct pulls, hooks, pushes, slices, thin, fat and shank shots.

So, get the GOLF GENIE, read it, take it to the practice range and putting green and then stick it in your back pocket or handy in your bag and hit the links. For more complete information visit or call 678-246-9383 if interested in making this an appreciated gift in your tournament's player gift bags. And don't forget to check the Golf Book Reviews for information on how to get your copy of THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO A SUCCESSFUL FUND RAISING GOLF TOURNAMENT.