At the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida, I met Reggie "PinHi" Pinuelas, who represents the LeviTee golf glove company. While there were almost as many golf glove offerings at the show as there were new putters, this glove is the only one I chose to review this year. Wow, was I pleased to have done so.

Reggie and I both use two gloves when we play and he outfitted me with the men's small size. He is the only golfer I know, other than the professional golfer, Two Glove Tommy, who plays with two gloves.

Upon my return to Colorado Springs, I hit the links at Valley Hi Municipal Golf Course. It was a chilly day and the sun did not come out until the 18th hole. Actually the late arrival of the warmth was probably fortunate for this review.

The first thing I noticed about the LeviTee glove was that they were very comfortable. In fact, they are the most comfortable I have ever donned. The tour quality cabretta leather seemed to be thicker than gloves I have used in the past. Most importantly, however, is that they felt warm. They were warm even compared to the Fila and Taylor Made 32 degree winter gloves I have been using.

The comfort is also attributable to the main feature of the glove, which is the padding above the knuckles between the fingers that lays claim to loosening one's grip up to 30%. As most golfers are aware, a tight club grip at the top of the swing can be detrimental to both control and distance.

I have a medical note too. I am over 75 years old and my right hand middle finger is constricted due to Dupuytran's contracture. This is a problem many older people experience whereby one or more fingers begin to curl. I had surgery for the problem. The procedure failed and nerve damage resulted. Now I experience mild pain all the time. Fortunately the finger curls in a manner for me to continue to grip golf clubs properly. Even more fortunately is the fact that when wearing the LeviTee glove the pain virtually disappears. I believe this is due to the padding in the glove.

So, how was my golf game while wearing the LeviTee golf glove? My score was one of my best in the last couple of years. Drives were longer and straighter and I felt like I had more control. I know I played better because I had no snowmen or sevens. Three pars and a birdie too, and now I'm sold on this wonderful new glove on the market. Be sure to visit the LeviTee website for more information. Their motto is "feel the difference." I guarantee you will. Click here: