Reviewed by John K. Darling, Founder SeniorFriendlyGolf.com

There is an exceptional sculpture gallery here in Colorado Springs, which is world-renowned. It is the Michael Garman Gallery located at 2118 W. Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. When you make your trip to Colorado this is a must location to visit.

I'll bet if you asked at the gallery, they would even arrange for you to visit their manufacturing facility close by. I had the opportunity to do so and spent time with Mike Garman, Michael's son, who manages the day-to-day operations of the factory. Michelle Emborski is the gallery manager.

One's first impression of the miniature statues in the shop might be to wonder why you should invest in collecting these sculptures when if when you drop one it might shatter. Well, these are not your dime-store plaster figurines. This company is ever evolving in materials, technology, and introduces 10 to 12 new offerings each year. Garman sculptures are made of bonded marble. While there is no guarantee they will not shatter if dropped from the roof of your home onto concrete, they should resist breakage when toppling off your coffee table.

Now why do you find this review in the SeniorFriendlyGolf.com golf web site? Because they now offer 11 golf sculptures. Prices range from $49.99 to $116.00. These sculptures make great trophies for golf tournaments or just for a golfer friend's birthday or Christmas present.

Garman sculptures "capture the American spirit." Other offerings include the following series: Western and Western Limited Editions, Early American, American Moments, Military Series, Firefighters, Sports, Street Life, Law Enforcement, City Scapes, and their Professional series with doctors, postal workers, linemen, teachers, etc. I noticed that there were no hunting sculptures, which is an American tradition from the days of the Pilgrims. Mike told me that category is on the way. I can't wait to see them.

Take a look at the photos to follow and then call 1-800-731-3908 and request a catalogue and price list. Or go to their web site and check it out: http://www.michaelgarman.com Tell them SeniorFriendlyGolf.com sent you.