By Wally Armstrong and Ken Blanchard
Reviewed by John K. Darling,
SFG Founder

This book is a good fit for type "A" personalities and perfectionists. It shows how these workaholics can turn their life, and golf game, around for fulfillment they never thought possible. It keys on how relationships make life more livable. Along the way it also will help golfers enjoy the game more. There are also a number of great solid golf instructions.

As I read the book I took my highlighter pen along and to follow are passages that struck me as important. Of course, that's my take. Yours will probably be different.

"…human doing not human being…"


"Maybe it is true there are no accidents in life…"

"Maybe there are reasons for things that are beyond my control."

"…if you want to be good at golf and life, you have to stop putting your self-worth up for grabs based on your performance and the opinions of others."

"…play golf just to have fun, to enjoy the people you play with, and the beauty around you."

"God is only one conversation away."

"You have to have a solid self-worth to endure the ups and downs of the game."

"…do some stretching exercises."

"…set your own par."

"…get that seven out of my head."

"…Jesus Christ…talk to Him before you hit your shot rather than after it."

"…talk to the Good Lord. He's my friend and He wants to hear from me."

"…I think of Him as my best friend." "…just talk to Him like He is your best friend."

"Friendship is what love looks like when put into practice. It's having someone who genuinely cares about you and hangs in with you no matter what."

"Forgiveness is love in action."

"The first sin was (and still is) the desire to be one's own god, to control one's own life, to stay in charge."

"He gives us second chances every day from the first tee to the last hole."

"Be patient. It will happen when it is meant to happen."

"When you get into difficult relationships with people or circumstances you need to see them as friends not enemies."

"…see it, feel it, trust it."

"…Game Of Life First…"

"…life is truly all about relationships."

"…Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth."

Published by Thomas Nelson 2006
ISBN-10: 0-8499-0323-8