Reviewed by John K. Darling, Founder,

This year did a reciprocal link with Sculptures in Glass, a manufacturer of glass art including golf tournament trophies. Recently I had the pleasure of having coffee with the artist, Victor Meyer of Palmer Lake, Colorado. I also had a chance to see his work in person at this year's Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic. Very, very nice.

Victor handcrafts every item. His products are not volume manufactured. He delicately creates each item and under the base is an authenticity document. The prices vary and include on the low side a frosted glass golf ball and tee up to higher prices for an iron, putter, and wood clubs. All prices are very reasonable considering each is an original work of glass art.

I would love to have won one of his creations, but felt a little uneasy and asked about the stability of the glass. Would they shatter easily? He informed me that the glass rods he crafts from are of a high density Pyrex quality and durability. I'm sold.

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