UpRight Golf


Review by John K. Darling

Does your back hurt so badly you have given up golf? Well go dust your clubs off and consider the products offered by UPRIGHT Golf.

I received an email from Jim Egli, President of Egli & Associates Inc., a while ago, and we discussed his company's philosophy. Simply stated, products are for golfers who have back problems that prevent them from bending over to do the many tasks that confront them. Jim sent me a couple of his products to take a look at, the Joe's Original BackTee and the BALL HOG with MagNaFlex BMS.

Now I have a rotator cuff ailment. Not bad enough for surgery, but bad enough to introduce pain following a round of golf. Fortunately my rotator cuff problem does not present itself when I am playing or playing at golf. I have an exercise regimen with Therabands that keeps my shoulder tuned enough to continue my golfing experiences. More about that in the future, but if you have the same problem, get in touch and I'll share my secret. john@SeniorFriendlyGolf.com.

Now back to Upright Golf. I believe the BackTee can save one a lot of pain and it will really end your bending over to put your tee in the ground, put your ball on the tee, and then pick up the tee. No kidding. You can go to the website above to take a look. I need to warn you in advance, however, that you will have to practice and have patience. I feel sure after a round of two you will become proficient using the device.

The other product, BackTee, can be purchased in a clip-on form or on a golf-type shaft. The clip on will fit on the grip of most any of your clubs. The shaft type, though more expensive, probably will pay for itself in the long run because the clip-on will probably break after a few rounds.

The BALL HOG is a claw like device you can plug into the end of your putter and when you sink your puts, no gimmies, you simply push the claw over the ball and take it out.

You mark your ball when allowing your playing partners further out to put, don't you? Well you have to mark your ball. How does Upright Golf help you here? You can drop one of their magnetic golf-ball markers on the green and move it behind your ball, well, maybe with your foot or the edge of your putter. Use your BALL HOG to pick it up. After putting you can use the bottom of your putter, if magnetic responsive, to pick up your marker. If your putter is not magnetically inclined, you have several markers in your BALL HOG package. The markers have a vinyl cover on them, which can be peeled off and stuck on the back underside of your putter. It will pick up your marker, i.e., marker on marker.

I had a little trouble with my markers adhering to the base of my putter, but Jim sent me a "sample" and not the marketable item. Hopefully yours will work better.

Anyway, the motto of the UpRight Golf Company is "We're the world's most deBENDable golf company. Take a look: www.uprightgolf.com